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Gill was working 50 hour weeks and feeling stressed.

She wanted to stop work but didn’t feel that she could afford to. She’s a highly educated and intelligent woman.

We sat with Gill and Tony and talked about what they ideally wanted from life – to stop working, maintain their lifestyle, renovate their house and to help their children buy properties. We showed them how we could arrange their money to achieve each of those things with plenty of room to spare.

As a result Gill stopped working six months later, they have since renovated and extended their home and substantially helped both their children. Their lifestyle is well supported and Gill is as fit and healthy as she ever has been. They need never fear running out of money, in fact they have more to spend and help with than they ever imagined. Their life is so much better.

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Graham started working at 16 years old in a bank.

Some years later he became a cabbie and drove London’s streets for decades. One day a pension statement from the bank arrived in the post. He rang us and we explained the statement to him.

We heard nothing more from Graham until, a year later, he rang again to say he was fed up with cabbing. He wanted out but was convinced he couldn’t stop working. We had several meetings to discuss what his bottom lines income-wise were and what else he might want to do – to help his sons, get a dog and go on a Lions Tour. Graham couldn’t quite believe how valuable the bank pension could be to him and how it could support him for the rest of his life.

It took Graham three years to finally feel safe enough to stop work, but he got there mentally, eventually. Since then he’s been on a Lions tour, helped his sons out and got a bulldog. He’s also immersed himself in organising a walking football team, been to see the Ryder Cup and watched his favourite football team play in Europe. All things he thought were beyond him, but we helped show him were possible.

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