Town Close is a full scope financial planning company, helping you to decide the lifestyle you want once you retire, and then helping you plan to achieve it.  It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement, so please don’t wait until you think you have enough money before thinking about it! Below you’ll find a number of articles that between them cover most aspects of the financial planning process. We hope they help you get a better insight into what we do, and of course, if you have questions, do get in touch here.


Our goal is to help you have enough money to lead the lifestyle you want when you retire.  Click below to find out more about planning for the 14,000 days you might spend in retirement, getting yourself mentally fit for it and some considerations if you wish to retire early.

All About Investing

Investing sensibly is a key part of good financial planning. In the linked articles, we look at investment strategies, the risks of investing, the importance of diversification and what expectations you should have. 

Understanding Pensions

Pensions are complicated, and making the right decisions about lump sums, so called ‘freedoms’, drawdowns and annuities requires knowledge and experience of both pensions and UK tax rules. Town Close know all about both, and you can find out more by clicking below. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves putting your affairs in order now to make it easier for your loved ones when you’ve passed, and this includes understanding and planning for inheritance tax. Find out more about both by clicking below.  

Wealth Management

Managing and growing your wealth is at the heart of good financial planning. Town Close are expert wealth managers, and you can find out more about what this entails below.

Planning Pathways

A good financial planner spends a lot of time learning about you and what you want out of life long before they start thinking about investments. Financial planning has many elements to it, and you can find out more about these by clicking below. 

Great financial planning can change your life.

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