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TCFP53: Thinking about thinking.

I’ve spent the last few weeks in two distinct moods. To begin with, somewhat agitated / restless / twitchy but, more latterly, more like my usual self. I suspect many of us can say the same.

I’ve been reflecting on why this might be and I it strikes me that the answer is devastatingly simple:

We are, and always will be, a product of our thinking.

By which I mean we have a thought before we feel anything, not the other way round. We feel our thoughts, feelings don’t lead to thoughts. Therefore, the thoughts we pay attention to are those that determine how we feel the way we feel.

When I am agitated / restless / twitchy, I know not to trust my thinking at that moment. I recognise it comes from an egotistical place; my ego is crying out for attention. This level of thinking always feels hot and heavy – it is too quick, too impetuous, too noisy. And that is how I know not to trust it.

When my thinking is like this, then acting on it is much less likely to lead to a good outcome.

Simply being aware of the unhelpful thinking helps it to pass. I find it is soon replaced by better thoughts, insights you might call them. My brain slows down, and thoughts come along like a cool stream rather than a raging torrent.

I’ve learned that these are the thoughts that are worth paying attention to. This is where my thinking has returned to for the last month.

As a result, I am really feeling good about the shape TCFP is in and the changes that will and must be implemented. These are not knee-jerk, panicky, short-term decisions that would be detrimental but the service-improving changes that will help us serve you better and make TCFP a better place to work.

I look forward to sharing these thoughts with you at our AGM and getting your feedback, as well as your own insights. Please join us on 19 May.

Stay safe and look after yourselves and your families.

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