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What we have been reading…..

Looking for some great, thought provoking and intelligent reading? Here are three that caught my eye:

J.P.Morgan – The Case For (always) Staying Invested: it sounds so easy but at times like this can feel so hard. The urge to do something in times of stress is very human. In investing the costs of reacting can be devastating.

Morgan Housel – Different Kinds Of BS: consistently a great writer, this is a superb reminder of the need for more than a pinch of salt, most of the time.

WSJ – Gold As An Inflation Hedge: the longer inflation persists the more you are likely to hear that gold is a great way to combat inflation. The thing is, for you, it almost certainly is not.

I hope you enjoy them as I did and that they get you thinking. There’s no progress without new thinking.

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