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TCFP’s Belief System

We are Chartered Financial Planners and proud to have achieved the highest standing in our profession. We view financial planning every bit as much a profession as law, accounting or even medicine.

We became financial planners to help people like you find lasting financial security, something you cannot do for yourself. The expertise we can bring to bear on any financial planning situation is overwhelming and decisive. To us that means the following:

  • We understand your family’s financial goals completely;
  • And we’re every bit as committed to those goals as you;
  • The advice we give is identical to what we would do in similar circumstances;
  • Our advice is always driven by your financial plan and the time-tested methods of achieving your goals, never by an economic or market outlook;
  • We have no other agenda but to facilitate your permanent financial success.

The essence of all successful long-term financial planning relationships is trust. Everything else is a means to the end of achieving implicit mutual trust.

The critical work of a financial planner is the formulation of a set of agreed goals and a plan for achieving them regardless of whether you live another thirty years or thirty days. Economics is the science of choice. In that sense, we expect to evolve into your family’s chief financial officer, helping you make the difficult choices.

It’s essential that you understand we will never be able consistently to predict nor control what either the economy or markets are doing or going to do. And the more dramatic whatever the economy and the markets are about to do, the less we will see it coming.

There is no shame in this. No one else can do it either.

Possibly the greatest investor ever is Warren Buffett. He said,

“I have never met a man who could forecast the market.”

The greatest investor who ever lived is telling us that no one (including himself) can consistently predict markets. Furthermore, he has demonstrated conclusively that the inability to do so is not a bar to successful investing. In fact, it’s perfectly irrelevant.

In addition to not being able to anticipate markets or the economy, we will never be able to select investments for superior future relative performance.

There’s no shame in this either; neither can anyone else. There is no statistical evidence for the persistence of performance.

If markets, the economy and future relative performance are utterly unpredictable, what variable dominates long-term, real-life investment outcomes?

The dominant determinant of lifetime investment outcomes is not investment performance, but investor behaviour.

This is a liberating and empowering realisation. It means we can invariably produce a superior real-life outcome for you simply by shaping your behaviour. For example, by helping you avoid throwing money at a fad near its top or panicking out of your beautifully-diversified portfolio near a market bottom.

This alone is a priceless skill, and worth multiples of what you will ever be asked to pay for it.


future proofing your finances 

Town Close are expert financial planners. Our goal is the same as yours – to help you do the things that are important to you in the time you have remaining.

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