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TCFP74: Accolades and cake….

We have never won an award for financial planning. Nor have we been long-listed, let alone short-listed.

We have been nominated though, but that did not go anywhere after I declined to buy a table for me and nine guests at the awards’ gala evening …..

Ranking life’s disappointments, this is the least of them. What value is there in accolades from strangers compared to what you think?

For me, our measures of success are threefold – your loyalty, testimonials and introductions.

This cake of success is a team effort. Please take a bow Sarah, Siobhan, Lainey, Katie, Alan, Lisa, Alex, Mark, Ian and Dan. And Nazia, Stephen, Paul, Gavin, Dale, Vince, Steve and Roger for your continuing support.


The sponge in this cake is your loyalty. Bad sponge, bad cake. No loyalty, bad business.

Client loyalty is a clear indication of how good our recipe is. You are very loyal.

In the last 18 months just two clients moved on. Having declined to follow our advice I could no longer, in good conscience, accept fees from them and so we agreed to part.

2 out of 300+ confirms we are doing a good job of listening, understanding and empathising. Our recipe is good.


Testimonials are the icing. The cake is OK without, better with.

Testimonials continue to roll in, CLICK HERE to see 150 of them. Thank you to all that took the time to leave one.

Testimonials are nice; I use them myself when looking for other professionals, they are comforting to see.


Personal introductions are to accolades what glacé cherries are to a cake.

Personal introductions represent the largest number of new clients for TCFP. It tells us you want them to feel like you do about where you are and where you are heading.

To take the time and effort to recommend us to someone you care about says it all.


The three together make for a magnificent accolade cake. No one puts icing and cherries on a dud cake. No one writes testimonials or makes personal introductions for a dud business.

Then again, maybe my ego has got the better of me and I have over-egged this accolade cake?

Perhaps there’s no better accolade than the simple “thank yous” we hear from you each and every day?


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