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Whichever way you cut it money is much more than a unit of exchange or a store of wealth.

Money is, and always has been, love.

Money allows us to create, protect, support, grow and indulge ourselves and those we love. It is not how much we have but what it can do for us.

Financially speaking, our children and younger relatives face significant challenges, not least because they are almost entirely responsible for their long-term financial well-being.

There is no job for life, no gold-plated pension scheme, not even a guaranteed job for a graduate. And any inheritance is decades away and uncertain.

The under 40s almost exclusively use the internet to inform themselves. The internet is wonderful for so many things but a disaster if you want to make better financial decisions.

The good news is that we can help. The better news is we want to help.

Your first step is very simple – join us at our online workshop on 29 June (invite to follow very soon).

Your second step comes after the online workshop and will be equally simple – an email to forward to any young relative you wish allowing them to arrange a Zoom with us. We will then take things from there.

If you want to do more, you can:

  • Skim off the top of your own assets and direct them towards pension and ISA contributions for them. This does not come at the detriment to your own lifestyle.
  • At the appropriate time you could pay for a financial plan for them. It would cost you £70 pm for three years.

If we can help them meaningfully today, they will arrive in a decent place decades from now. If we do not, they will not. They might not “get” the need for help or even think it is available to them.

In working with us you surely appreciate how our “boring but effective” approach has helped you, and now you know it is available to them.

Let’s not be passive about this. Just a little proactivity will make all the difference. It costs you nothing, it costs them nothing and we all feel better for it.


Boring But Effective | Truthful, Helpful, Kind 

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