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TCFP65: Why now?

David and Lisa, longstanding clients, got in touch because they wanted to help get their daughter on the property ladder.

We had a good conversation exploring it together. I asked questions and listened to the answers.

We talked about different options, what it could mean longer term for them, etc., and it all looked fine. Good to go, let’s get on with it.

And then I thought “Why now?” and shared that with them.

Although it could all work beautifully now, was there any need for it to work beautifully now? There wasn’t.

We could have got to “Why now?” sooner, but the question was not there earlier. “Why now?” came along when it needed to.

Our conversational walk around the houses was very valuable – whether they help their daughter now or later when they know for sure they can.

This might be the key reason for ever working with a financial planner – being asked the right question at the right time.

When it happens, new thinking and therefore ideas and feelings come to the surface.

But when is the right time? When it is. All you have to be is present, with nothing on your mind, in a conversation and you will know instinctively.

A good financial planner is not an order taker, they are a questioner and listener. If you simply want someone to do your bidding, there are many to choose from. But what help is that really?

And don’t think for a moment that this is only a financial planning matter.

Think back. How much aggravation might we have avoided in our lives with a simple “Why now?”


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