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A year ago the pandemic overwhelmed the economy and investment markets. Both the FTSE100 and S&P500 dropped more than 30% in just over a month.

The economy collapsed, was put in the deep freeze and we were all sent home. Suddenly the future looked bleak and uncertain.

If ever there was a time to panic that was surely it.

But you did not, and I like to think we played some part in that.

Not through genius investment insight, but in wise counsel, sober analysis and sensible actions.

The result is that, despite the most tumultuous 12 months in most people’s lives, your financial plan is healthier than it ever has been.

Over the last 12 months we revisited the long-term wisdom of simply staying the course with you.

And, rather than react to tumultuous current events, we agreed together to simply continue with your plan.

Plenty more opportunities to practice patience and discipline will come. It is inevitable.

The truth is that successful investing is simple, but never easy – just make a goal-focused plan and stick to it. So few do not and that shows up in the mass hysteria that drives markets down.

TCFP goes from strength to strength. We now steward more than £200,000,000 of your hard-earned wealth. From Ivybridge in Devon to Falkirk and from Conwy to Ashford in Kent, we are growing.

And we have great plans for our future, your future and your family’s.

From April TCFP will have four excellent advisers able to help people, via the power of Zoom, anywhere in the UK.

You may have a relative, friend or colleague whose experience during the pandemic and recession was not as productive as yours. They might have benefited from the approach we pursued together.

Please feel free to pass on our details, we would love to hear from them. We enjoy working with you and would like to offer the same level of planning and service to people you care about.

Thanks, as ever, for being our client; we look forward to talking to you soon.



future proofing your finances 

Town Close are expert financial planners. Our goal is the same as yours – to help you do the things that are important to you in the time you have remaining.

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