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TCFP61: My Christmas Message

I like to sit quietly for a few moments each day. I take note of how present I am by observing what I can feel, hear and smell. I pay attention to my fingertips and ask myself to drop my thinking.

Doing this brings stillness to me and new thinking. Better thinking, truthful thinking. Which means the next thing I do is more likely to be the right thing to do.

One requires the other. We can’t be sure we’re doing the right thing without the truthful thinking, and the best way of getting the truthful thinking is stillness.

I often have a couple of minutes of quiet before my meetings with you.


Because I owe it to you to be “there” with you, to be present, to bring better thinking to the table, to be sure what I say next is the right thing to say. And for that to be truthful, helpful and kind.

Stillness and its inherent benefits have profound implications.

Imagine if all us humans were only ever truthful, helpful and kind. What would that mean?

It seems to me that male/female, Christian/Muslim, black/white, gay/straight, young/old, Left/Right, etc., would become irrelevant.

Or, to put it another way, the labels that divide us would become irrelevant. And that would mean less division. And if we weren’t divided, then what?

The season of “goodwill to all men” wouldn’t be a season at all, it would just be the way things are.

And all for the sake of sitting quietly for a few moments each day.

How about that as the ultimate Christmas present? I’m in, are you?

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year, love, peace and stillness to you, your families and everyone (and everything) else.


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