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TCFP49: A TCFP Update

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020, I thought we’d start the year with a TCFP update.


Towards the end of last year we beavered away at getting you all set up on our new portal. This allows you to get an immediate overview of your finances of course.

But just as importantly you can store documents there, we can add your questionnaires, reports and financial plans, etc. I’ve used my own to keep my passport, etc., and keep tabs on my spending.

We’re also uploading your forecasts so that you can see how your long-term prognosis looks.

Annual Checklist

We will be using the portal to share our “Annual Checklist” (needs a better name) that runs through some areas where you might save a few quid (or even quite a lot) with a minimal amount of effort.

Legacy Folder

We will also be rolling out a “Legacy Folder” that captures all the essential information, passwords, account numbers, etc., that your family will need once you’re not here. It will also include instructions about who should do what, your wishes and who needs contacting.


We’ve also made quite a few changes (improvements?) to our website in response to feedback from the Client Focus Groups. If you get the chance, have a look at these pages in particular and let me know what you think:

Client Focus Group

And finally, we will soon be in touch about our next Client Focus Group, inviting those of you who have been before, or expressed an interest in it.

Marketing has never been my thing; do we need a snazzier name for the CFG? Come to think of it should I stop using the word “snazzy”? Come to think of it, what happened to “snazzy”? Did it die alongside Gallini leisurewear?

There will be some questions for you to think about regarding what we do and how we go about it, but I’ll also encourage you to ask me questions about TCFP and our plans. I’m hoping for a completely open dialogue which further reassures you.

So, not much on then, is there?

Wishing you all an equally exciting and fruitful 2020!!

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