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Suzan: How to discuss pensions with your 4-year-old … yes, really!

My boss this week was approximately 39 inches tall, wore a Spiderman cape and kept tootling off for a wee whenever he got bored. He was also a bit of a taskmaster. At the tender age of four, he had fulfilled his dream of opening his own carwash. He just had one problem, he hated washing cars!

That’s where I came into the picture. He demanded I came and washed the cars for him. I politely declined; he tried the magic word, still I resisted. He had a think – “I’ll pay you to work for me”, he stated, handing over a huge wad of Playdough (Plasticine to you and me). I had a job.

We (the royal one) washed three Cozy Coupes, five bikes and broomstick.  I was exhausted, but the boss was having none of it. There were still a couple of motorbikes and a dubious-looking vehicle, which could have been a tractor in its heyday, to wash.

He was adamant I had to continue, so I asked him, ”What if I work so much that I get so tired that I can’t work anymore?”, his response being ”Then the game finishes because all the vehicles are washed”.

The conversation continued “But how will I buy things to eat if I can’t work anymore because I got too tired today?”

He had a long think, “But you’ll have lots of money because you worked so much today!”

“What do I do when it runs out?”

”Ummmm, work some more?”

“But I worked so much that I can’t work ever again”.

After a very long think this time… “Give me some of your money”.

“But it’s mine!”

“When your money runs out, if you can’t work anymore, I’ll give it back if you keep playing now”

So, I handed over some playdough and washed the remaining vehicles.

And that was the day I discussed pensions and financial planning with a four-year-old! It’s never too early to start the conversation.


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