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Higher mooders vs low mooders

There are two types of people you can seek help from. I think of them as “low mood” and “high mood” people. Be aware of which you are working with.

“Low mooders” like to analyse problems and find solutions. It is backwards looking and simply makes you an expert on your problems. That can lead to insecurity, defensiveness and resistance to change, which is not a good outcome.

“High mooders” aim to get analytical minds to let go of an issue. This allows new thinking to come through. Only new thinking can “solve” a “problem”. High mooders are forward looking, their focus is on what can be, aided and abetted by better thinking. This is a good outcome.

None of us has ever analysed ourselves to a happier state of mind.

All that happened was we (eventually) let go of the troubling issue and let new thinking in. In other words, we moved on.

Being high mood planners, helping you let in new thinking, to move on, is the core principle behind TCFP.



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