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Client Stories

Client Stories: Now or never

Ian had had enough. He was done. The question was could he get out? And to what?

For me, in that first meeting, it felt like it was now or never.

It always starts like this. Something happens, you feel like “getting organised” or a “life event” comes along or the “last straw” is added to the camel’s back.

No-one ever woke up thinking “I really must get myself a financial plan”, but that’s where they end up.

His colleague Melvyn had been through our process. He was so happy with the work we’d done together that he’d recommended Ian to me.

Melvyn liked how I’d helped him think differently about his money and therefore his life and what was possible for him and his family.

In essence that’s what I do. I sit with people and start the conversations that can help them think differently. Those new thoughts are worth their weight in gold.

Ian certainly hoped they would be and so did Amanda, his wife.

Apart from seeing Ian more relaxed, him stopping work would give her the freedom to go after the HR role she wanted. That would be important and valuable to her.

It was June 2017 when we first spoke, September before we had agreed an actionable plan and January before the plan was up and running.

How long should it take to make life changing decisions? To have the conversations and time to reflect? To go through the different scenarios? To weigh up the compromises, the pros and cons?

There is no timetable, it takes the time it takes. You know “when” because you feel ready and comfortable to act.

Roll forward 14 months and how is everything?

Ian is busy with Sabre and Zeus, his alsatians, and has a new lease of life. He’s a different Ian to the one I first met.

Amanda has just started the role she’s wanted for a while and is really getting stuck into it. That was completely obvious to me last time we met.

And their daughter is just about coming to terms with Ian’s very different morning routine. Which sounds like a work in progress.

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