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Changes to our model portoflio

At our recent Investment Committee Meeting we agreed to change our model portfolio to:

  • Global large companies 50%
  • Global small companies 30%
  • Emerging markets companies 10%
  • Government bonds 10%

We reduced bonds from 20% to 10% to take advantage of the opportunity to buy some really good businesses at a nicely reduced price.

Should this temporary downturn continue we will buy more. And once the permanent advance reasserts itself those companies that we bought cheaply will be even more valuable to our clients.

All our clients have the same investment portfolio. If they can’t or won’t, they don’t become clients.

Each client also holds enough cash as required to see themselves through the next 6 to 36 months as appropriate. If they can’t or won’t, they don’t become clients.

And each of our clients has protections policies in place should the wheels come off. If they can’t or won’t, they don’t become clients.

That’s real risk management, for both us and them.

You can read more about our simple but effective approach to investing here:

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