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I have read several useful investment pieces recently that I thought worth sharing with you.

They are a combination of fact and opinion pieces.

In the next few days you will be invited to a webinar to discuss what’s going on, what we’re thinking and to allow you to ask any questions.

 Here are the articles:

  1. TCFP / Cormorant Capital Strategies, a note on some of the more important policy developments and charts detailing the progress of some important indicators: CLICK HERE
  2. Ben Carlson, “The Historic Sell-Off & a Game of Expectations”: CLICK HERE
  3. Nick Murray, “History, Not Headlines, May Help You Navigate This Crisis”: CLICK HERE
  4. Vanguard, “Bull & Bear Markets”: CLICK HERE and HERE
  5. Ben Carlson, “Returns From The Bottom Of Bear Markets”: CLICK HERE
  6. Ben Carlson, “How Long Does it Take to Make Your Money Back After a Bear Market?”: CLICK HERE
  7. Howard Marks’ weekly update, “What do we know?” scroll to page 6: CLICK HERE

Ultimately none of knows what will happen next. It feels like there’s not a single positive story at the moment, that the crisis will escalate, and the economy will do really badly.

Knowing all of this is the exact reason why we go to such lengths to make sure there’s enough cash available to you to survive a prolonged drawdown. That’s the real power of financial planning – to have a structure in place that can see you through the worst of times.

There is not a single piece of positive news to be had. That will change though and when it does so will the psychology and sentiment of the markets, that will halt the decline. The world and the economy will recover and so will your investments.

It is a matter of when not if.

We are here for you throughout, please get in touch whenever you want about whatever you want.


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